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Gastronomic Guide of Bogota

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Bogotá has become one of the most attractive culinary destinations in America following countries such as Peru and Mexico. The scene is so hot that worldwide-recognized restaurateurs are establishing in the country.

Food lovers can enjoy a great meal in all of the following trendy areas:

Zona C – La Candelaria 
Zona T – between 82nd and 85th streets with carrera 13 Zona G – between 65th and 70th streeets with carreras 6th and 5th
Zona M – La Macarena
Quinta Camacho – between 69th and 70th streets with carreras 9th and 11th
Usaquén and Parque de la 93

Colombian food is a mixture of different heritages. Just like it´s people the country has no single defined cuisine but rather its cooking traditions vary regionally from the Caribbean shoreline and Pacific coast to the Andean mountains, the Amazonas and the far eastern plains. It is influenced by cultures like the Indigenous people (first inhabitants), the Spaniards (conquerors), Arabs (immigrants) and Africans (slave descendants).

Some of the most common ingredients are tubers like potato and yucca along with meat and fish; cereals such as rice and maize; while other legumes like peas, beans and lentils are part of the basic diet of every Colombian.

Due to its privileged geographical position Colombia is home to a variety of tropical and exotic fruits like uchuva (known as cape gooseberry in other countries); arazá; pitaya or dragon fruit; borojó; chontaduro; corozo; lulo; guanabana our soursop and passion fruit among many others. Aside from our very own Placita Verde where you may find excellent typical dishes, an international menu, vegetarian meals, as well as our home baked pastries and breads, we recommend the following restaurants in the area:

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Black Bear:

In the corner of Carrera 11 and Calle 90, opposite the Church of the Inmaculada Concepción, is this vanguard group Takami proposal. Your letter is largely designed to share. A required entry is fresh tuna over sushi rice. The place was diner style of the 50s and is undoubtedly one of the restaurants most "in" and crowded city. Where ?: Calle 89 # 11A -10

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Pajares Salinas:

More than fifty years ago it was founded this symbolic restaurant of the Colombian capital. Callos a la Madrileña those recommended. Where ?: Cra 10 # 96-08

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Andrei Provence:

Good French restaurant near the main square in Usaquén. Its facade is charming: a small colorful house and the south of France. At the end of lunch or dinner diners take home a souvenir rich bread or croissant. Where ?: Cra. 6 # 117-44

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The sea:

The renowned Peruvian cevicheria Gastón Acurio based in various capitals of the continent is a fresh offer of sea food in Usaquén. It is located in a beautiful and spacious house and this culinary project involved the entrepreneur Leo Katz. Where ?: Street 119B # 6-01

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Andrés DC:

He was born the idea of ​​moving a bit of the famous Andrés Carne de Res Chia city in 2007. Today Andrés DC is a restaurant 4 story where diners can sample traditional Colombian recipes Andrés, while enjoying and dancing at one of the best places to party in the capital. Discover the magic of this place only visit him. Where ?: Calle 82 # 12-21 - Centro Comercial El Retiro

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Café Amarti:

Another classic Leo Katz is this Italian restaurant opposite the main square in Usaquén. It is casual for lunch but also open for dinner. The pump bread is badge. Where ?: Street 119 # 6-24

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La Taberna Vietnamese:

From the same owners of canoes arrived in Bogota this good alternative to Vietnamese food for lunch. Spicy levels can be chosen by the customers and the prices are fair in relation to quality. I recommend the chicken curry. Where ?: Street. 70A # 7c34

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To go for cocktails and taste oxtail or octopus. The menu is tapas and has good atmosphere with live music.

Where? Cra. 10a # 70-50

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El Bandido:

For a fun night of drinks, live music and there's share tickets Banido, a restaurant - bar, located under a residential building and in front of a church. Get reservation is almost an odyssey but without doubt worth it. Where ?: Street 79B # 12.07

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Harry Sasson:

Harry es uno de los chefs colombianos más reconocidos y su restaurante ha sido incluido en la lista de los 50 mejores de Latinoamérica. Ubicado en una hermosa casa de conservación en el barrio el Nogal este es un lugar para repetir. ¿Dónde?: Cra. 9 #75-70

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