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Sightseeing Plans

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The historic center of the city and the surroundings to Bogota are definitely worthy places to visit. At 93 Luxury Suites we offer special plans. Ask for yours at reception.

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Villa de Leyva:
Renowned for its colonial architecture, this municipality in the department of Boyaca, also characterized by their diverse landscapes of moors, births and reservoirs water to desert areas.Its main square is a great attraction and is considered one of the most beautiful and tourist villages in Colombia.
Plan Includes:
Transportation Bogota - Villa de Leyva stopping at the Bridge of Boyaca (National Monument of Independence of Colombia, which commemorates the victory of the separatists in the Battle of Boyaca in 1819).
City Tour of Villa de Leyva
* Optional: Visit Ráquira (City of Pots in the Muisca language, is considered the capital of Colombia craft)

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Laguna de Guatavita:
Located in the eastern cordillera of Colombia to 3100 m.s.n.m.This was one of the sacred lakes of Muiscas (Indian tribe that lived inside Colombia) where the ritual of investiture of the new Cacique was made.According to legend, during this ceremony the Cacique was on a raft of reeds adorned; her body was covered with gold dust; at his feet put more gold and emeralds to be offered up to the gods and braziers they were lit to burn this kind of incense called moque.The new chief of the tribe was accompanied by four caciques and when the raft reached the center of the lagoon, the village, which was on the banks of the lagoon, threw more objects of gold and precious stones into the water.It is believed that the famous Balsa Muisca, gold piece of jewelry today exhibited at the Museo de Oro, and gives rise to the legend of El Dorado, it alludes to the ceremony that was held at the lagoon.
Plan Includes:
Transportation Bogotá - La Calera - Guatavita
Guatavita tour and free time recreation in the lagoon

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Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira:
Built inside the salt mines of Zipaquira Salt Cathedral, bears the title of "architectural jewel of modernity". The importance of the Cathedral, lies in its value as a cultural, religious and environmental heritage.
Plan Includes:
Transportation Bogotá - Chía - Cajicá - Zipaquirá
Cathedral Tour
Tour de Zipaquira
* Optional: Lunch at restaurant

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Andres Carne de Res - Chía
What began as a hut where Andres roasted meat and a dream to open a restaurant, nowadays, it is the most authentic and popular to go rumba in Bogota site. It is certainly a unique experience that will captivate your senses.
Plan Includes:
Transportation Bogotá - Chía
Two hours of waiting at Andrés Carne de Res

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Coffee Experience:
Learn the process of the development of Colombian coffee, one of the best in the world.
Plan Includes:
Transportation Bogotá - Fusagasugá
Two hours of waiting in Hacienda Colombia
* Optional: Visit to Salto del Tequendama (natural waterfall Colombia
with a height approx. 157 meters. Located at 2,467 meters above sea level)

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