Save on our Luxury Bogota Hotel with Exclusive Deals

From extended stay business trips and early booking specials to romantic getaways, 93 Luxury Suites has everything you need to keep doing what you do best. We invite you to discover our contemporary, chic Bogotá hotel at an exceptional value by selecting one of the hotel deals and seasonal packages featured below. 

And remember, we’re always thinking up new ways to bring you back to 93 Luxury Suites. So please check this page often to be the first to hear about our latest hotel deals and offers.

Early Booking

The earlier you book your stay in 93 Luxury, the better rate you will receive.

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Long Stay

Stay with us at least 7 nights and you will receive a better rate.

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Post Surgery

If you are having a surgery procedure, stay in 93 Luxury to have the best recovery after your surgery.

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VISA application process

Stay at 93 Luxury Suites if you come to Bogota for any visa process at the embassy.

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Romantic Plans

Enchantment Experience  |  Birthday Experience  |  Lotus Experience  |  In Dream Experience  |  Luxury Experience